From the Independent Owners and Operators at County Market:

Dear Valued Customer –

Over the years, County Market has cultivated strong connections with those we serve - we care deeply about the safety of our customers and have always emphasized customer wellbeing as our top priority. Now more than ever, we're committed to providing access to essential products at affordable prices.

For that reason, we want you to know that County Market is taking proactive precautions to keep our employees, customers and community safe in the wake of COVID-19 by activating measures that address supply, sanitation and delivery.

Addressing Supply Demand

As levels of demand surge, we're working with manufacturers and suppliers to meet customer needs. Please be aware that County Market may choose to place a quantity limit on in-demand products to ensure all consumers have better access to the goods they need as events unfold. County Market will continue to adjust supply purchases as necessary to provide customers with the highest level of care.

In-Store Sanitation

When it comes to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment, County Market already requires comprehensive and effective sanitizing techniques to keep our store clean. Employees are asked to completely disinfect high customer touchpoint areas for further cleanliness. We'll continue to thoroughly wipe down food service counters and follow regulations for safe food handling as usual. County Market encourages all customers and employees to wash their hands and follow all other CDC guidelines for preventing illness both in-store and at home.

Instacart Delivery

County Market offers Instacart Delivery services for customers who wish to purchase their groceries online. Instacart is now also offering a new "Leave at My Door Delivery" feature that allows customers to choose how they'd prefer to receive their groceries.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unique event. As always, County Market is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our customers as possible. We thank you for being a valued part of the County Market community and assure you that we're doing everything we can to meet your needs - today and every day.

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